Wood Countertops

By January 8, 2019Uncategorized

In the cabinet post, I mentioned wanting to build an island that was 12.5 ft long. That’s all good, until I realized that I was going to need 16 ft boards and I don’t own a trailer. Dustin “The Friend With A Big Truck” Tharpe to the rescue again.

We hillbillied a ladder out of his truck and piled 2x12x16s on top. That was the worst ride down the interstate ever… man was I stressed getting it home.

Once we got the wood home, I ripped the 2x12s down. I wanted to cut the curved edges off and give myself a flat, sharp edge. I cut half an inch off of each board.

After the boards were ripped, I marked a line every 6 inches and used a biscuit joiner to cut slits in the sides of each board at the marks.

After cutting for the biscuits, I glued the biscuits in the slits and glued the edges together. I grabbed a bunch of bar clamps from Tractor Supply for cheap to hold while that glue dried.

For the island, I had to glue the planks in chunks. It was too long and wide to do all at once.