The Pool Renovation

By January 8, 2019March 26th, 2020Uncategorized

I think this goes without much explanation. This pool was NASTY. Obviously, we called in the pros on this one. A friend referred me to ASP. Their crews were always on time and super helpful. I’ve learned a ton during this process.

The crew jackhammered dimples every few inches. This would clip away any delimitation spots in the gunite. Then we replaced the tile. The old tile was either off or unable to be cleaned.

A truck came and sprayed new plaster on the gunite. Then a crew hand troweled it smooth. It was pretty amazing to watch.

We filled the pool with well water which was a little murky. The team at ASP did their magic and got the water cleared up. This last photo was about half way through the chemical cleaning of the water. Still way better than how it started.

After the pool was cleaned up, we realized how gross the concrete was. It looked clean when the pool was a swamp.