The First Chunk

By January 8, 2019Uncategorized

Because the building was an RV garage, the front of the building was low for cars to drive in with a higher step up in the back for the “pool house”. Our first step was to pour concrete into the garage section to level the entire building to the same height.

From there, we started demo. I’ve renovated larger homes before, so demo on this was quick. There was really only one wall to start with. It was mostly just removal of the half bath and some sheetrock. Nothing that Chip and JoJo were needed for.

Once demo was completed, framing and cutting windows and doors was the next step. Luckily, my good friend, Dustin Tharpe, is a general contractor and he gave me a lot of his crews to help with the process. I can work hard, but having some professional help never hurts.

This photo kills me. We didn’t have running water and had very limited electricity at this point. But never fear! The guys used a gatorade bottle and the nasty pool water to keep the dust down while cutting brick out for the slider windows.